Mailing List for Delta Chat with mlmmj

Written by Simone

These days I am tinkering with a Mailing List for Delta Chat powered by mlmmj

I was able to create the list and set up Postfix correctly - instructions are quite clear even if on a couple settings I had to do some troubleshooting looking at logs.. Now I have this Mailing List called which you can subscribe to by sending an email to and following further instructions.

Initially Delta Chat would create groups of people with the ML's address inside of it, thus splitting every conversation by users participating in it. This was later fixed by adding the following lines in list-dir/control/customheaders file:

X-Mailinglist: deltachat
List-ID: DC Mailing List <>
List-Post: <>

Now a proper Super Group is created and everyone¹ is able to message in it.

¹ Well, not actually everyone since a member still has issues but I'm positive that can be fixed by chatting again with the ML's address and removing all weird groups created earlier.

This ^ is how the supergroup looks in my chat window - the avatar is only local, it can't be set for every member but the name is the same for everyone.

Then someone "complained" for the lack of anonymity for users email addresses, like it's done in the "official" Delta Chat's MLs.. So I asked on codeberg but it seems to be a missing feature (I'm still waiting for replies 😬).

This is it for now, will keep you posted when/if I have news.


  1. fede said:

    «...but the name is the same for everyone.» The name is the same when the ML appears, but everyone can change it locally.
  2. Simone said:

    yeah, don't see a reason in doing that though..

  3. Simone said:


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