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mumble-web (mis)adventure

Written by Simone

Today I wanted to install yet another web frontend for the services I host, i.e. mumble-web

mumble-web is an HTML5 Mumble client for use in modern browsers.

I won't bore you with the install details, just know that it's basically JS and you need to install npm modules.. After some processing and a whole lot of deprecation warnings on screen, it finally failed. Then I looked at the logs it left and it was searching for python2!! Went back to the github page and found out the code is from about 3 years ago, with the latest issue being about one guy managing to build the software on Debian 11 with some old NodeJs version..

So, after a bit of disappointment, I delete the whole directory and be done with it. You know, there's no alternatives out there 😟

Now I would like to ask a question to disroot admins: how the hell are you running this junk on your server!? I believe they're using docker, still it's not safe in my opinion to run such old-unmaintained stuff.

I won't be doing that.

conversejs community plugins

Written by Simone

Thanks to Zash and Jcbrand in the "Converse" MUC and a bit of hacking I was able to set up a few community plugins for my conversejs install as a prosody module.

Here's the configuration in /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua:

conversejs_resources = "/usr/local/lib/prosody/modules/mod_conversejs/dist"
conversejs_tags = {
        -- Load favicon
        [[<link rel="shortcut icon" href="">]];
        -- Load libsignal-protocol.js for OMEMO support (GPLv3; be aware of licence implications)
        [[<script src=""></script>]];
        -- Load community plugins
        [[<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="conversejs/dist/plugins/search/search.css" />]];
        [[<script src="conversejs/dist/plugins/actions/actions.js"></script>]];
        [[<script src="conversejs/dist/plugins/search/search.js"></script>]];
        [[<script src="conversejs/dist/plugins/search/jspdf.debug.js"></script>]];
        [[<script src="conversejs/dist/plugins/search/jspdf.plugin.autotable.js"></script>]];
        [[<script src="conversejs/dist/plugins/toolbar-utilities/toolbar-utilities.js"></script>]];
        [[<script src="conversejs/dist/plugins/screencast/screencast.js"></script>]];

conversejs_options = {
        locked_domain = "";
        auto_focus = true;
        view_mode = "fullscreen";
        allow_registration = false;
        auto_reconnect = true;
        reuse_scram_keys = true;
        muc_clear_messages_on_leave = true;
        clear_cache_on_logout = false;
        play_sounds = true;
        whitelisted_plugins = {"actions", "search", "toolbar-utilities", "screencast"};

You'll have to copy the plugins directories (actions, search etc..) in this path:


Then reload configuration and conversejs module or restart prosody.

Already found a bug in "toolbar-utilities" and haven't still had a chance to try the screencast plugin, but they look good for the most part.

Maybe I will add Jitsi Meet or Voice Chat at some point.. Not now though. ¹

EDIT: screencast is working alright, but not in the way you'd expect it. It's not a live streaming, instead it's a recording of your screen which gets uploaded once you stop the cast.. I wouldn't say it's perfect but not even bad.

¹ I've added them 😛

Thunderbird sieve extension

Written by Simone

Little OT, but not so much 😀

To manage your sieve scripts from Thunderbird 115 there's this nightly build, until developer will code a proper release with fixes.

You can read the issue at and I've uploaded the file for convenience here.

My server comes with a default sieve to filter spam messages and another one to move Delta Chat emails:

require ["fileinto"];
# rule:[DeltaChat]
if header :contains "Chat-Version" "1.0"
	fileinto "DeltaChat";
# rule:[SPAM Check]
if header :contains "X-Spam-Flag" "YES"
	fileinto "Junk";

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