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Dendrite (Matrix) is live

Written by Simone

Several months ago I was running a "matrix-docker-ansible" playbook on OVH, but limited resources led me to take it down.

More than one time I thought about reliving that server (which I have backups of), but reading on the changes that the playbook got so far and the difficulties in running a Matrix environment without exposing web ports (80 and 443), I thought to better give up.

Yesterday I looked into Dendrite (a Matrix server written in GO), which looks a lot simpler than the whole lot the docker-ansible playbook offers, so I went ahead and installed it the manual way with nginx as reverse proxy. Easy peasy - documentation is quite good.

Today I also installed "Cinny" as a web client and I'm done for the moment... Federation works, registrations are closed (can invite friends though) and apart from RAM peaks and quite long waiting times when joining rooms (up to 2K members), the server is doing quite well: started with 700MB of RAM (at joining time) and went down to less than 300 in normal usage. CPU gets high spikes when sending messages but other than that is just a few points %. Just don't even think to join the official #matrix room or shit will happen 😀

My new Matrix username is:, feel free to add me.