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Sharing big files with Thunderbird filelink on self-hosted webdav

Written by Simone

Thunderbird filelink with self-hosted webdav

Me and friends on had a discussion about big attachments in Thunderbird and one person ("idice"), which I thank, suggested to use (long forgotten by me) Thunderbird's "filelink" functionality.

filelink lets you upload your big attachments to the cloud and send a link to download them, to your email contact. For it to work, you have to download an extension for Thunderbird and choose a cloud instance.

There are a few in the community, ranging from Dropbox, to Nectcloud and webdav. I chose webdav, because I already have a docker container with a running instance.

The tricky part in setting the extension up and working with my server was to have a private and a public URLs: you have credentials for webdav, so the private one is easily accomplished, while I had never thought about having a public site to share stuff without authentication; and in the end it was really straightforward.

What I did was basically: mount a volume in docker where I want to publish stuff to be shared. So at first when uploading I'm asked for credentials and everything just works.. files go to the volume.

Then, to have people access those files, I simlinked (ln -s) the docker volume dir to a path under my main site's virtualhost in nginx. Like:

My site is in /var/www/html/, so I changed dir to that location and:

ln -s /path/to/public-docker-volume/ public

Now I have a /public/ dir in my website with all the files that I publish in webdav and since index is off in nginx, you can't just browse it - you have to know the exact file name to access it.

And that's it.

Now for the Thunderbird setup, I'll show a few shots. For starters, this is the extension I used:

This is the "attachments" settings in Thunderbird, the only place where you configure the extension:

As you can see it asks for a private and a public URLs, as explained before.

When you compose a new message, go to the attachments menu as always and you'll find a new item, called Filelink - WebDAV:

Click it and select your attachment from disk. It will ask for a username and password (those you set up for webdav in docker) and will begin uploading the file.

Then you'll see the message being populated like this:

It says:

I have linked 1 file to this email:

  • mibunny.png

    Size: 408 KB

    Link: the link

If you keep uploading files, the number in the first row will be automatically incremented and there will be another file section with new info about it.

And.. we're done!? 😀

If you got any question, leave a comment down below.

Trilium Notes

Written by Simone

A screenshot of the web app

I'm super impressed by Trilium Notes, a wonderful note-taking app and self-hostable service.

Used docker to host it and web to manage my notes. It saves instantly, no button to press, has a lot of useful functions, it's scriptable, does backups automatically and it offers extensions for chrome and firefox.

Two issue though:

  • chrome extension will become unsupported later on in 2024, because it uses manifest v2
  • developers just posted a couple days ago about putting the project into maintenance mode :(

Although this is kinda sad, I have used the app for the past 2 days and it works very well, so much that I finally ditched MS One Note (yes I use Windows on my Desktop - shame! shame! shame!)