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The Internet doesn't like VPNs

Written by Simone

It's been a week or so that I started using Wireguard on my desktop too, browsing the Internet and doing the usual stuff I do, but this time connecting both via IPv4 and IPv6 through my VPS.

Results? I've already been banned (or to better state it, my VPS's IPv4 has) from 3 popular hosts: reddit, imgur and alienwarearena. Reason? I don't really know, looks like everyone doesn't like VPNs.

For the time being I resorted to replace with (even in my SearxNG instance) to be able to browse that shit, which unfortunately is sometimes useful. "imgur" is even more trickier, since I was still able to upload images (and also display them) via their API on Glowing-Bear.. But if I try to curl from my VPS shell I get this:

{"data":{"error":"Imgur is temporarily over capacity. Please try again later."},"success":false,"status":403}

"Over capacity", yeah, but it's a 403, you liar!

So, a few moments ago I set my Wireguard service in Windows to manual start, stopped it and now I'm back with Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel - I would like to avoid being banned from the rest of the world, if possible.

Thanks for all the fish.

Migrate whole system from one host to another

Written by Simone

I recently moved from OVH to Contabo for my VPS: since setting up everything from scratch looked like a hard challenge, I moved everything using rsync.

Firstly, some preparations:

  • installed the same kernel I had on OVH
  • rebooted Contabo
  • installed rsync on Contabo

Then I switched to the OVH shell:

  • created a exclude.txt file with all the directory and file I didn't want to move:
  • moved it to /root/exclude.txt

  • stopped all the running services

    systemctl stop

  • now we can begin rsync-ing: you have to have access to the root user on destination VPS

    rsync -avzP --exclude-from=/root/exclude.txt / root@CONTABO_IP:/

  • after that, I edited /etc/fstab to add support for quota, like I had on OVH

  • then I searched and grepped /etc for my OVH IP address, because I knew it was set somewhere on some config file

    grep -r “OVH IP” /etc/*

  • and substituted it with the new Contabo IP, where necessary.

Finally, I could reboot Contabo:


Once up & running again, I changed all DNS entries from OVH to Contabo IP.. And waited 😀

  • Last but not least, I edited etc/hosts manually to reflect the new Domain Name address and also set up the hostname

    hostnamectl set-hostname


EDIT! A detail I missed to mention is that your destination host's root password will be changed, after rsync-ing, to the one of the source host!!